Beautiful Bella

I have to admit that when I left Bella’s house, I felt like I failed.  My insecurities were running high.  I was afraid that I didn’t capture the precious little girl like she deserved.  And when I got home and started editing…well, I fell in love.  Even though her mom described her as not very smiley at this age, we managed to squeek out some grins (thanks Meaghan for your arm workout!)…and her expressions make this one of my very VERY favorite photoshoots.  Who couldn’t love this little bundle of personality with that head of hair?!  She’s a complete dollbaby.

Magical Madison

Sweet Madison was a complete angel the entire time we spent together.  I absolutely loved the fact that her mama and daddy wanted to do a couple pictures of her on her special quilt – which in a previous life was a grandma’s wedding dress!  You can even see the precious pearls and details creating Madison’s sleeping cacoon!  And her darling parents were so enamored with her…it’s quite obvious why.  She definitely gets the award for best lips.  Okay…best everything.  I say that every time, don’t I?  But it’s true.  I can’t help but fall in love with these newborns.  They are just so darling…I could almost take them home.  I would too if the parents would let me :)