Cutie Cannon

There are shoots that go so smoothly and some that require a little more time and effort.  Cannon was a newborn that made me work for each and every shot.  He was all boy…full of energy…so alert and knows what he wants…eager to be with his brother and mama and daddy…and so striking that it kills me.  I love his final images and know that each one is a true representation of his strength and sweetness.  Thanks R for letting me invade your home!  You sure do have some handsome boys :)

The C Family

Can I just say that it’s odd to me that all of my clients are just drop dead gorgeous?  It’s like the twilight zone.  And I am so thankful.  Their good looks makes my job easy.  And when their little offspring looks like a Gap kids ad – well, it makes my job not even a job anymore…but more like playtime.  This family is not only beautiful but they were so very sweet together.  I loved being able to capture them as they were about to make their family of three into a family of four :)

p.s.  These parasol photos seriously make me want a baby girl like yesterday!  SO cute!

Suter Family Photos

These friends are such a blessing to me.  Being able to take their family portraits is like the icing on top.  It’s such a priviledge to capture them and their sweet girls as they get bigger and more beautiful and definitely more fun.  Thanks guys and I hope you love these as much as I do!

Anniversary on the Ranch

Hands down one of my favorite photoshoots to date.  I loved the entire thing.  This sweet couple was celebrating their 20th anniversary and decided to spend an entire weekend at a horse ranch and invited me to capture a glimpse of their celebration.  I know…they don’t look old enough to have been married 20 years…but it’s true.  And I know…I hope I look as in love and happy when I hit my 20th anniversary.

Little Liam

Right before Liam was born, his dad emailed me asking if I was available to schedule a newborn shoot very soon.  What he failed to tell me was that this little baby was genetically predisposed to be completely adorable and basically the ideal newborn for photography or that his wife was incredibly beautiful and that the camera loved her.  Details that men forget to mention :)  Seriously though – little Liam slept like a champ, was really easy going, and when he was awake, he showed me those big eyes and had a very sweet gentle giant for a big brother!  Plus – love the name.


The Amazing Allens

Finally meeting the Allen family after reading their fabulous blog (and being so intimidated because they already take great photos of their boys) was like a fun date with friends.  Such a dream for a photographer to be instantly familiar with a family even before their first conversation…and especially when it comes to three year old twin boys.  Man.  Holly is amazing.  Tripper is amazing.  Just to survive is amazing.  And I had one amazing time with this family – definitely one my favorite’s to date!

Newborn Townsend

What a dashing little boy!  My goodness, this little smiley one makes me want another baby…or just to photograph newborns all day long.  Either one – I’ll take :)  Mr. Townsend was such a wonderful little guy – he slept like a champ during our time together and would smile almost on cue.  He was very happy to cuddle with his mama or daddy and had what they called Don Draper hair – very suave!

Beautiful Bella Again

Their mama is probably tired of hearing this but seriously…how cute are two redhead girls!  I want one…I want both!  Such sweet little ones – and it’s a shame to ever make their photos black & white because they are just so striking with that firey hair and those piercing blue eyes.  I feel sorry for their parents when they get older…they are literally gonna have to keep a gun at the front door to keep the boys away!  Thanks Meaghan for letting me capture your little beauties again…it was so fun to see how much they’ve grown :)

Whitney’s Maternity Photoshoot

When Whitney emailed me, I knew right away that this girl was ridiculously creative and loved artistic fun expressions…so we brainstormed a little and came up with a theme for her maternity shoot that was fun, vintage and a little crazy too.  She loves to bake…and she whipped up these treats (so sweet – and perfectly fit since she was expecting a little cupcake of her own)…she brought the balloons and books and picnic basket…basically creating this scene of how we all wish pregnancy could be every day – just a day in the park with the man we love.

p.s.  Since the time of this shoot Whitney has delivered little Miller – and he is a DOLL!  Stay tuned for future newborn photos!

Sweet Kellys

How thrilled was I when this sweet family asked for a second session this past year?  Pretty much jumping up and down.  Not only is everyone gorgeous and so easy to photograph but the girls are soo sweet to one another.  It’s like watching two little fairies sprinkle one another with smiles and love dust and those eye twinkles that make you wish you could take them both home.  Thanks y’all for letting me spend that warm August evening with you!  You all look beautiful.