Lilley & Maggie

I squeezed in a mini shoot with sweet little Lilley this past week.  We eeked out literally five minutes in the middle of the day (not prime shooting time) and this bitty rambunctious two year old kept me guessing but overall, I was proud of her for having such a fun attitude (even in the cold weather). I especially like the contrast between the drabby background of the winter woods and her fun spring time hat…she really is the flower in a photo of thorns.

oh and I also snapped a couple of her little sister Maggie…who I vote needs to be a model when she grows up.


Suter Family Photos

This family is too precious to me.   Each one of them has such a unique and fun personality – even little Maggie who is only five months old is showing that she is all girl.  They asked me for a christmas photo – not for a holiday card…because it was already the week before Christmas…but to remember their first christmas as a family of four.  Hope you guys like your photos as much as I loved shooting them!