Miss Mary

Little Miss Mary was the most active little girl I have ever seen.  I think she ran the entire time we had the photoshoot.  And thankfully the whole park was relatively empty so she had the entire place to roam.  I think my favorite part was when she taught me about pixie dust and we hopped from rock to rock throwing pixie dust on each other.  Thank you Mary (and Stephanie!) for having fun with me and the geese in that warm March day.  I love your images (especially the ones that show off your big green eyes!) and hope you do too!

Handsome Henry

Henry was an absolute dollbaby.  I’ve never seen such a wonderfully easy going baby and it was such a joy to work with him and his beautiful family.  This kid won the genetic jackpot and they were the picture of happiness.  I know those first few days are especially hard with a newborn but they made it look oh-so-easy.  This shoot was especially fun because we got to run around with his big brother (Mom had two under two! Whew!) and Henry’s mom showed me the boy’s rooms – I thought I died and went to inspirational heaven!  The nursery was gorgeous (the last photo shows Henry’s changing table!).