Nichole & Jeremy

Basically these two are like models.  But they don’t think so…which adds to their cuteness factor.  And boy, were Nichole and Jeremy oh-so-cute when it came to being on camera.  The entire shoot they oozed this adorable excitedness, this nervous anticipation of what is to come, and this I’m-so-in-love-with-this-person-ness.  I could have literally taken their photos all day long.

Oh and did I mention that when Nichole contacted me to do their engagement photos, she suggested donning his fireman’s jacket and helmet?  It was like 100 degrees outside in the summer Georgia heat and she was such a trooper all while looking gorgeous.

Cutie Chloe

Shooting Chloe was like watching a supermodel at work.  At one point I looked at my camera and realized I had only been shooting for three minutes and could send her parents every.single. shot.  She just was happy and calm and the perfect little model.  She was a photographers DREAM!  And it helps that she is as cute as a button.  Isn’t she just darling!?  I guess it would be hard to not look amazing with such a beautiful mom…Chloe really hit that lucky gene pool just right:)