Norn & Boots

Words can’t even start to describe how excited I was to do this shoot.  You see, this one is very special to me because this is my baby sister and her 7 year old son with their soon-to-be husband/father.  And as awkward as some of the kissy-face more intimate moments are (the ones that take place in any engagement shoot) when you are dealing with your little sis, it was worth it just to share that sunny evening  with them as they took yet another step to becoming a family.  Afterall, families have photos to prove that they are together, right?  I like to think so:)

The B Family

I have just the most darling family to share with you.  Meet the B family.  These fine folks are actually a military family that entered in the Military Family Photo Contest that we did this year and decided that they would like to have some photos done of them when they visited the area.  I absolutely loved that they came ready in bright fun clothes that reflected this special stage in their lives.  Plus, they brought a Mimi to the mix to get some grandparent love :)  Thanks guys for sharing that damp morning with me…these were adorable!