16 year old Sydney

Oh to go back to being 16!  Sydney reminded me of that simple yet extremely complicated time in life of being a teenager.  I only wish I had half the poise and natural beauty that she did when I was her age.  All that to say – I loved shooting her…she was like a model except without the attitude :)  She just had that inner maturity that came out in her eyes.  And when she smiled, literally the clouds parted and the stormy skies in that field became a little brighter.  Thanks girl for sharing that afternoon with me…and ‘posing’ for me :)  You look beautiful!

The N Family

This family gets the official award for being hilarious.  And gorgeous.  But mostly hilarious…because that’s a lot harder to be…especially on a hot and sweaty day like we had on the day of the shoot.  Thanks guys for suffering through it with me.  Their little girl was so independent and lovely – it was like trying to chase a rainbow to get the photo.  And their son?  Well, isn’t he a stud?  Anyone that can rock a pair of sunglasses and a fedora has outstyled me a million times over.  With confidence and personality like that, you can expect him to be hosting the VMA’s in 2023.  Oh and here’s a tip – don’t even look at the mom’s legs…it will make you green with jealousy.