Hi.  My name is Katie Bower and I am passionate about providing beautiful, quality images that reflect the joy of each stage of life.  Months fly by with lightning pace and years seem to end moments after beginning.  If you are anything like me, you want to celebrate, remember and share those precious stages of life that add laughter, happiness and joy.  That is why I began this venture; to affordably provide families with professional photos that reflect their style and taste.  My mission is to capture the twinkle in the child’s eye, the smile that lights up the room, and the family photo that you would be proud to display in your home.

Since becoming a mother, I found out how meaningful those first photos are and the excitement you feel when you get to share them with others.  The best part is…those ‘firsts’ don’t ever stop!  Every new moment is a new first.  And I love taking part and capturing those memories.        

I believe that everyone should be able to afford professional style photos.  And I don’t think that you should be limited by ordering minimums, or overpriced prints or products…especially with the easy and cheap online options available today.  That is why I charge only for my time at each shoot and for editing the photos and then allow you to have a cd and rights to print as many photos in as many sizes as you wish.  This method makes it easy for you to share your favorite pictures with friends and family, make beautiful christmas cards or birth announcements, or even celebrate milestones that you would normally shy away from because of the extra cost.  

Taking photos of you, your child, family or friends is a privilege that I feel honored to do.  It means that you are allowing me to celebrate with you!  I’d love to hear from you to schedule your own session.